“The Amok Bros.” started as an off-hand warm-up sketch; just a couple of robot dudes hanging out.  They went on to become an Internet sensation as the “Frank & Ernest” of the so-called “Generation X”*.  Now, instead of jumping on the next wave of whatever, we’re going way, way back, instead.


I can’t say I was a huge fan of the dramatic newspaper strips, the individual comics seemed pretty random and poorly acted and had silly haircuts (our local paper didn’t carry any of them, so I only got the chance to read them when we evacuated inland to escape hurricanes).  As online comics, though, they seem like a really good fit.


So, using “We, Robot” as the springboard, I present to you “The Amok Bros.”  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I toil over making it.  Actually, I hope you enjoy it more than that, as I try to toil as little as I can.  Ok, I toil a lot. Toil.


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*not even remotely true.